Beijing Film Academy's Film International Film Production

Tuition costs & Payments

The total tuition costs for the Fall 2017-Winter 2018 year will be 80,000RMB. This fee includes equipment fees for school use.

For returning students there are 3 different options to pay the tuition:
1. Pay 80,000rmb before July 10 to get a new visa before the school year ends. (visa takes 10 workdays to process)
2. For the students who are unable to pay the full tuition can pay 20,000rmb before July 10 (visa takes 10 workdays to process) Then pay the rest of the 60,000rmb before October 1st.
3. If you cannot pay the 20,000rmb before July 10th then you’ll have to apply for a new Jw202 from Beibei. It’s best to do this 1 month earlier than the expiry date of the visa. The medical check has to be done in China. Then you’ll have to pay 80,000rmb before November 1st.

For new students:
Students will have 30 days from the day they arrive in China to pay the 80,000rmb tuition then they can apply for the residence permit that will last 11 months.