5 Reasons to Study Film at Academy

Have you ever seen those cool behind-the-scenes videos of movies that made you think, “I could be doing that”? Was there a particular person in your life who influenced you to go behind the camera? Do you have a favorite movie that affected you so much you wish you made it instead? A lot of students about to enter academy are conflicted about studying film because they are not aware of the benefits of studying film. Society glorifies business careers without realizing the big business that is the film industry. While it is true that you can work in film without a film degree, here are five reasons why you study in film academy.

1. You are trained to work with others

Film is a communal craft. Producing films requires a group effort of organized tasks from skilled people. Unlike performing or fine arts that you can do alone, filmmaking hones your skills as a people person. Encountering different types of people can prepare you for the real world.

2. You are equipped with a competitive advantage

Film academy teaches you the history and theories of film, something that an apprenticeship may not be able to do. Having a deeper background on the craft can give you more understanding on your projects. Film schools are also updated on latest film trends that industry insiders may know of. Film academy can get you this advantage.

Here’s a clip of Steven Spielberg discussing the importance of studying classic films:

3. You are given the freedom to find your own technique

With countless assignments and influences that you will encounter in the academy, you will eventually find your own style in filmmaking. Each week will be filled with projects that will test your patience and determination. You may enjoy a different line of work than you originally intended to do, and it is with film school that you will find your own calling.

4. You build a network of like-minded individuals

One of the best things in film academy is that you will undergo your experience with a bunch of like-minded individuals that share the same dreams as you. With the various opportunities for you to network, you eventually establish the relationships you may need to proceed with bigger projects in the future. In your class, you may be talking to the future Cannes or Academy nominees five years from now. Having these people in your contacts list can do a lot not just for your career but fr the industry as well.

5. You get professional acknowledgment and advice

The mentors and teachers in film academy are professionals with many years of successes, failures and wisdom. They can spot talent from afar and know what tools to provide to hone your skills. These professionals also have different styles in mentoring you, from being your film buddies to being the scariest people on earth.

Watch this video by instructor David Thorburn on how film enriches people’s lives:

Still undecided whether or not you should go to film academy? The most important things is to follow your heart and strive hard while you’re at it. The rest will eventually work out if it’s something meant for you.

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